Bill McAllister is an experienced and dedicated educator, devoting the past 37 years to Nebraska education. Bill has served in nearly every facet of education, as a teacher, coach, principal, superintendent, and educational consultant across districts of all sizes - from Class A to D.

With a career dedicated to promoting educational excellence and a vision centered on student success, Bill McAllister is poised to bring his wealth of experience, insights, and passion to the Nebraska State School Board. His leadership promises a responsive, pragmatic, and forward-thinking education system built on the tenets of student success and common sense.

Bill and his wife, Peg, live in West Point, NE. Together, they have raised four children who have excelled in their careers in education and healthcare, serving communities across the country.

They are also blessed with five grandchildren, who inspire Bill to ensure the education system serves every child with the highest standards.


Bill's academic credentials reflect his dedication to Education and the myriad of roles he’s embraced to serve Nebraska communities. His humble beginnings as a coach and fourth grade teacher fostered his passion for relationship-driven, student centered education.

He completed his undergraduate program in Education at Midland Lutheran College. Shortly after, he attained his master’s in Educational Administration from the University of Nebraska - Omaha in 1990. Since then, he has accumulated 30+ hours of education towards his PHD.


Bill McAllister has spent thousands of hours in diverse classrooms across the state of Nebraska, witnessing first hand what Nebraska students, urban and rural alike, need most from its representatives.