Bill McAllister is proudly endorsed by the following:

Jaxon Kant

Norfolk, Nebraska

Adam Van Cleave

Columbus, Nebraska

Ken Daberkow

Madison, Nebraska

”Bill is an amazing leader. His passion for students is unmatched. He is very well versed in the best educational practices for a school & its district!”

Shelly Eisenhauer

Media Specialist, West Point Public Schools

”We have known Bill and his family for nearly 30 years. We support his love for Christian and family values, tenacity to support quality education.”

Connie Meyer

Retired Teacher

”Visionary for education in which we can all be proud!”

Doug Gross

Elementary Principal, West Point Public Schools

”Bill has proven his dedication to youth and education and would be a great leader in our State.”

Tracy Oligmueller

Community Member, Beemer, NE

”Mr. McAllister was an outstanding leader as superintendent! He created a relationship-based framework that did wonders at our school.”

Danielle Reppert

Teacher, West Point Public Schools

”Bill has shown his passion for education in teaching and as an administrator, holding himself to a high standard of excellence.”

Brenda Schmidt

Retired Educator

”Bill has a record of success during a career encompassing all aspects of K-12 education in Nebraska. Bill’s energy, integrity, and common sense will be a real asset to the leadership of the Nebraska State Board of Education. ”

Dave Wimmer

Former School Board Member,

West Point Public Schools

”I could not think of a greater person for this position. We need the state board to be full of people like Bill! He whole heartedly has the best intentions for students and educators in a sensible fashion.”

Sarah Medina


”Bill has taken over leadership of two different under performing school districts in Nebraska and provided leadership that led to tremendous improvement in both. His successful experience and strong leadership are what the state of Nebraska needs in this role. I support him and so should you if you value education.”

Tim Preuss

Provost, Concordia University

”I wholeheartedly endorse Bill McAllister for the State Board of Education. Having worked alongside him, I've witnessed firsthand his unwavering dedication to education and his steadfast belief in every child's potential. As a true champion for all kids, he embodies the core values of public education and consistently advocates for their well-being and success. With a long and illustrious career in public education, he has demonstrated time and again his commitment to our state and its educational system. I trust him implicitly and believe in his ability to lead with integrity, compassion, and a genuine desire to make a difference. Vote for Bill McAllister - a leader who truly believes in all kids and the power of public education.”

Dr. Rony Ortega

Superintendent of Schools, South Sioux City Community Schools

”We have known Bill (& Peg) for almost 10 years. During that time we have come to know Bill as one who is passionate about children and the education that they need and deserve. Bill has a servant heart who will give his all to see that schools are equipped and ready to serve the children in their communities. He will make every effort to place dedicated, well-trained educators in every classroom; he will make students feel valued & welcomed and he will ensure that schools and teachers are well-equipped to teach children in a safe & healthy environment with a common-sense approach and age-appropriate subject matter. Bill knows education and his many years of experience have shown him that success starts with respectful & professional relationships within a school community between administration and staff. Making sure that parents have the trust, involvement and ownership in the school that their children attend is at the core of a successful school community and experience for everyone involved...Bill is your man!!!”

Jennifer Habeck

Retired Educator

”Bill made an impact on my life during my senior year of high school. He allowed me to see my true potential and helped me believe in myself. He’s the definition of a great leader, coach, and parent.”

Abel Rivera

Airline Pilot, American Airlines

”I could not think of a greater person for this position. We need the state board to be full of people like Bill! He whole heartedly has the best intentions for students and educators in a sensible fashion.”

Sarah Medina


”Mr. McAllister was the superintendent of our school for several years...He would be a great asset to the State Board of Education. He is levelheaded and would always have the best interests of the students in all decisions he would make.”

Beth Laible

Teacher, West Holt Public Schools

”I have known Bill since college. He is a man of integrity, honor and can be trusted with big decisions and challenges.”

Susie Mosier

Retired RN

”The State Board of Education will benefit greatly from Bill’s commitment to students and their families.”

Charles Schmidt

Masters Family Life Education

”I worked with Bill for 7 years as his business manager. He is a wonderful person to work with. He is so passionate about Schools and kids. His relationship based education has been absolutely fabulous for West Point. A true leader and a wonderful mentor.”

Michele Faubel

Business Manager, West Point Public Schools

Additional Endorsements:

  • Diane Cole, Retired Art Teacher

  • Holli Dale

  • Kirsten Hughes

  • Devon Priestley

  • Jeffrey Kirchmann

  • Nick Troyer

  • Jeremiah Schartz

  • Olivia Fletcher

  • Kelsey Schrader

  • Kirsten Berg

  • Kylee Slaymaker Borg, Entrepreneur

  • Joel Elm

  • Vicki Miller, Paraeducator

  • Melissa Weddle

  • Dave Jacobsen

  • Jason Novacek

  • Jill Hedlund, Retired Teacher

  • Linda Cahoon, Registered Nurse

  • Shelly Kile, Teacher, West Point Public Schools

  • Sara Hughes, Graphic Designer, Peterson Body & Paint

  • Shirley Rossman, Retired Teacher

  • Angela Leifeld, Asst. Principal, Columbus Public Schools

  • Holly Hunke, Occupational Therapist, Franciscan Healthcare

  • Stacy Gross, Assistant Clerk, State of Nebraska

  • Timothy McAllister, President, The Esther Project

  • Teresa Linders, Teacher, West Holt Public Schools

  • Jenna Welborn, Bookkeeper, West Holt Public Schools

  • Tiffany Gotschall, Secretary, West Holt Public Schools

  • Sierra Kile, The Next Level: Media & Promotions

  • Jaylen Kile, The Next Level: Media & Promotions

  • Barbara Teutsch, Paraprofessional, West Point Public Schools

  • Meghan Schneider, Teacher, West Point Public Schools

  • Jake Hohenthaner, Assistant Principal, West Point Public Schools

  • Marlene Wiechman, Teacher, West Point Public School

  • Julie Steinhoff, Director of Administration

  • Natalie Bieber-Deines, High School Librarian

  • Tara Frickel, Teacher, West Holt Public School

  • Ana Garcia, Principal Secretary, WPPS

  • Jahn Kile, Teacher, West Point Public Schools

  • Larry Oetting